Changing Cities in a Changing Climate

- Inaugural Lecture 

Vanesa Castan Broto

Climate Change Politics and the Messy Contexts of Urban Governance

- Territory, Politics, Governance Annual Lecture

Vanesa Castan Broto

Revisiting multi-level governance theory

- Politics and innovation in the urban climate transition in Rizhao, China

Linda Westman

Messiness and the Governance of Climate Change in Urban Areas

- American Association of Geographers 2019

Vanesa Castan Broto

Radical urban ecologies

- Mexico Conference on Earth System Governance

Linda Westman

The uses of messiness: understanding climate governance in practice

- Lecture at the University of Cambridge

Vanesa Castan Broto

Climate Change Politics in Urban Environments

- Director's Seminar: Climate Change Politics in Urban Environments at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity

Vanesa Castan Broto

Geography Research Seminar: Climate change politics, the problem of change and the new urban geographies of climate change

- Geography Research Seminar, University of Manchester

Vanesa Castan Broto


The New Climate Urbanism: towards a research agenda

- The New Climate Urbanism Workshop, Summary of Discussions

Enora Robin


Some pointers on a decade of research on cities and climate change

Authors: Vanesa Castan Broto and Linda Westman

Graphics: Erika Conchis

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