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What is LO-ACT?

LO-ACT is looking at the 'ordinary actions' taken by citizens to improve everyday life whilst tackling climate change.

The project will examine specific examples of climate change actions and policies to find out how ideas, materials, technologies, and expertise can be transferred across urban contexts.

LO-ACT will develop tools to design and discuss urban climate change politics.


Ordinary Actions

Academics and policymakers prioritise the study of hi-tech solutions or focus on the needs of global, wealthy cities...

We need new methods and approaches that see low-carbon actions as initiatives that emerge from within cities and that respond to local problems.


Ordinary Citizens

Attaining low-carbon cities depends on ordinary actions, the kind of small shifts in everyday life whereby citizens themselves become the agents of change.

These 'ordinary actions' are crucial to deliver large-scale transformations and innovations needed to build low carbon cities.


Ordinary Cities

By 2050, 2 out 3 inhabitants on Earth will live in urban areas.

The project focuses on cities under 1 million inhabitants in areas of Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.


Act now!

Responses to climate change are taking place now. We need to understand if current actions are enough to address the climate crisis.

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